Bayside provides free access to level 2 Quotes

Date: 17.01.2014 | admin | Social Media, Updates

Over the past several weeks, Bayside Corp. has garnered a lot of attention and interest in the trading of its security. The management team believes that it’s important to provide our shareholders and the general public with the best possible investment/trading tools including free access to real time level 2 Quotes in order to make the best possible investment decision that they can make at the time. As a result, next week Bayside expects to launch a special webpage on its website to provide our  shareholders and the general public free access to these enhanced investment/trading tools and services for the specific use of trading the company’s stock on the OTC Markets.

The enhanced investment/trading tools that will appear on our website include:

  • Fully featured, streaming charts updated in real time
  • Technical indicators (Exponential Moving Average, MACD, Bollinger Bands and more)
  • Real time level 2 Quotes
  • and more

Providing free real time level 2 Quotes to our shareholders and the general public provides investors with greater pricing transparency in the our security. Level 2 Quotes is a complete montage of broker-dealer bid/ask quote prices and size in a security. The most in-depth quote data, Level 2 Quotes delivers market insight into the available liquidity in a stock, allowing both professional and retail investors to make informed investment decisions.

Additionally, providing the most up to date corporate information to our shareholders and the general public is also imperative and a priority to the Bayside management team. As of late, the company has been actively updating all of its corporate information that appears on the OTC Market website to ensure that the information our shareholders rely upon to make informed investment decisions is the most up to date and current data that we can make available to you.

At Bayside, we believe that increasing shareholder transparency is what will continue to establish us as a leader in our current market tier while growing our Bayside family. In 2014, Bayside celebrates 30 years of business success, innovation and vision. At Bayside, we believe that the future is now because our efforts to build shareholder value for the future will have a positive impact on the world around us today.

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