Follow up to Bayside provides free level 2 quotes

Date: 13.02.2014 | admin | Social Media, Updates

Last week Bayside put out an update on our website stating that the company is looking to  provide free real time level 2 quotes to our shareholders for the purposes of providing greater pricing transparency in the our security. Our aim was to have this operational this week, however Bayside is currently averaging about 3,500 page views on the companies website. Each unique visitor currently spends on average 2:56 browsing through our website pages. Once we implement the live level 2 quotes we expect the average time each visitor spends on our site to increase substantially.

In order to avoid downtime, maintenance issues, and any type negative experiences we are also upgrading our system resources in order to handle the expected increase in volume and usage on our website. As a result we are aiming to have this service ready sometime around mid-end February.  Thank you in advance for your patience.  We will continue keep you updated on our progress along the way.

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