Bitcoinz USA Proprietary Locations

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We would like to take some time to  provide you with some more information in regards to the business and planned operations of Bitcoinz USA.

Proprietary Locations

The company plans to operate its bitcoin machines at its own proprietary locations. At present we have three types of proprietary locations that are being designed and planned out.  While each design is somewhat similar, the variances in each revolve around the different demographics in the locations that the company proposes to establish bitcoin machines in. However, for today we will explore our plans and ideas behind our first business model.

The Caffe

To continue, each proprietary location revolves around a business model. These concepts came about because the company’s management team projects that its bitcoin machines will attract anywhere from 75-200 people a day depending upon its location and demographics. This creates a windfall of new opportunities.

As a result, this is where the concept behind our first model was derived from. Our first model revolves around the “Caffe” concept. All of these Caffe locations will carry the same name and logo of the company “Bitcoinz USA” but they will have the word “Caffe” in lower italicized letters added to the name. The spelling of the “Caffe” is done to symbolize the Caffe concept, which serves traditional Italian coffee and expresso. Also, its important to note that on average we expect the wait time for each customer that is waiting to to use the bitcoin machine to be around 5-7 minutes long because of the demand for the machines.

While the focus of our operation remains on the bitcoin machines, the concept is quite logical considering that each customer on average will be waiting 5-7 minutes to use the bitcoin machine resulting in a small window of opportunity  to offer these customers a superior product/service that we believe based on our initial stand alone pro-formas, would be a viable business model that could rival existing brands in this sector, if the company utilizes the “5-7” minute window properly.

Our Caffe design will stay consistent with the theme and design that is seen currently on our website ( The average size of each location will be roughly 1,000 sq ft. and would contain 1-2 bitcoin machines. While offering the highest quality Italian coffee and espresso that is available on that market today. The picture above is our preliminary design of Bitcoinz USA Caffe.


Over the past 6 months, our management team has been in the planning stages to develop a franchising model that could can be used across North America. Our first few locations are being opened with the idea of franchising, therefore they will serve as a model for that while also creating a training center for future franchisees.

The difference in our franchise model verses the most popular ones available today, would revolve around the bitcoin machine in which we would supply our franchisee our machines as part of the franchise and also the bitcoins for the machines while co-managing the bitcoin machines from our headquarters.

At this time there are several barriers for us to overcome as it pertains to franchising. The biggest obstacle has to do with the fact that the regulatory laws vary state to state in regards to crypto currencies and the buying and selling of them. This has made it slightly complicated to create a uniformed template that can be duplicated across North America. In the mean time, we are still working hard to find solutions to these obstacles.

Marketing Plan

Quite often we get e-mails asking us to publish press releases about our stated plans. Its important to note that our management team has developed a marketing plan for each of the different types of locations that we intend to establish. While the plans may change slightly depending upon the geographic location, our marketing plan revolves heavily around traditionally media. Which encompasses all of the tools that are traditionally used for the promotion, and awareness of a new business. (i.e. celebrity appearances, television commercials, satellite radio, press releases, etc.) We will use these tools at the appropriate time, in a manner that is consistent with the marketing plan of Bitcoin USA Caffe‘s and our other propitiatory locations.

In conclusion, the Bayside management team believes that it’s important to communicate the company’s overall vision, objectives, goals and intentions to its shareholders so that the steps that the Bayside management team is currently taking makes better sense along the way. This year, Bayside is currently celebrating 30 years of business success, innovation and vision. At Bayside, we believe that the future is now because our efforts to build shareholder value for the future will have a positive impact on the world around us today.

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