Recently, a major Bitcoin exchange experienced major security issues, which saw the company fall victim to the theft of $5 million dollars of Bitcoins.

To continue, the recent security breach continues to highlight the need for Bitcoinz USA’s Vault 51; a secure offline storage method through a Physical Bitcoin stored off-line in a secured computer chip called “Vault 51″ that is not connected to the internet.

Additionally, in 2014, the company launched Vault 51 in the United States and then Canada with a great deal of success. However, In response to international market demand the company intends to launch Vault 51 worldwide in 2015.

As part of the worldwide roll out, the company intends to license the Vault 51 Brand and Product to independent operators to manage and oversee product sales and services in specific geographic regions worldwide.

Furthermore, the exclusive licensing agreement will also allow operators to sell Vault 51 Bitcoins direct from Bitcoinz USA. The move is being done to help facilitate a rapid worldwide expansion and help position Vault 51 as the premiere security defence for Bitcoins worldwide.

Making Bitcoin transactions and accounts secure is the most important factor when speaking about the future for Bitcoin.  A great indication of Bitcoin’s future is the number of mainstream businesses that now accept Bitcoin. In 2014, Microsoft, PayPal, Dell, and Dish Network  DISH, among many others, announced they would accept Bitcoin as payment for a range of products.

In conclusion, the company’s management team remains excited about the future of Bitcoin and the opportunity to stimulate growth and activity in the Bitcoin Eco-community with the worldwide roll out of Vault 51 in 2015.