2014 a year of aggressive growth and expansion

>, Update>2014 a year of aggressive growth and expansion

2014 a year of aggressive growth and expansion

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In 2013, the Bayside management team had several objectives. The first objective was to enhance its communications efforts. Facebook, Twitter,  Google and the new Bayside website were part of the company’s new initiative to create better and sustained shareholder communications, and increase shareholder knowledge.

As a result, Bayside proceeded to re-brand its image, successfully launch its new website www.baysidecorp.com and adopt a new slogan, “the future now”. Afterwards, the company successfully established its online social media presence and now has almost +4,000 social media followers across Facebook, Twitter, and Google +.

Furthermore, in 2013 the Bayside management team set out to aggressively increase net shareholder equity. Bayside then announced a  huge petroleum deal which is still in the works but the management team believes will create significant shareholder equity once its complete.

However, the companys overall strategy has been to diversify its business model to create a  longer term sustainable growth pattern which would result in the company graduating to a Senior exchange within the next 60 months.

Last year, the seeds were laid in the ground for diversification and the Bayside management team went to work. At Bayside, we believe that 2014 is the year of fruition as many of the seeds that were planted last year begin to take shape.

In the weeks to come and throughout the rest of 2014,  Bayside will be make a plethora of formal announcements, including the company’s entry into one of the worlds most dynamic and fastest growing industries.

Prior to these announcements, the Bayside management team believes that it’s important to communicate the company’s overall vision, objectives, goals and intentions to its shareholders so that the steps that the company’s management team is currently taking makes better sense along the way.

The presentation below provides an overview of what the Bayside management team is hard at work to achieve. The presentation also includes the new industries that the company will enter in 2014 including the exciting Bitcoin sector through its new subsidiary company.

In 2014, Bayside celebrates 30 years of business success, innovation and vision. At Bayside, we believe that the future is now because our efforts to build shareholder value for the future will have a positive impact on the world around us today.

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