Bitcoinz USA Appoints New President

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Bitcoinz USA Appoints New President

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Bayside Corporation is pleased to announce the appointment of Bitcoinz Inc.’s new President and Chief Executive Officer… Mr. Ian JW Walker.

Mr. Walker was previously the company’s Chief Operations Officer and Executive Vice-President. “Mr. Walker represents tremendous leadership capabilities, experience, and insight into the untapped crypto currency market.”-Gordon Johnson, CEO of Bayside Corporation.

Additionally, Mr. Walker was instrumental in the strategic planning and development of the company’s business model, automated Bitcoin machines, overseer of the company’s mining team, and visionary behind the company’s secure offline Bitcoin storage “Vault 51”.  “Our immediate focus as a company is the upcoming product launch of Vault 51, the companies new offline secure Bitcoin storage. We believe that being able to provide consumers with a secure cold storage option has the potential to revitalize the Bitcoin market segment.”-Ian JW Walker, CEO of Bitcoinz, Inc.

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