Bayside Corp. is actively seeking to grow and diversify its business through the acquisition of companies in the oil, gas, and renewable technology energy sectors. At Bayside, we are excited about the possibilities of impacting the future today. To continue, Bayside understands that renewable energy is the fastest growing segment of the global energy sector.

Our research indicates that there are several factors that are driving this growth including the following: sustained high commodity prices have raised the price of traditional energy; market demands for clean or low carbon energy as well as concerns over energy security have motivated many governments to enhance regulations to promote renewables.

As a result, Bayside’s management team has a strong focus the acquisition of renewable energy technology, and companies in this sector, which includes biofuels, solar,¬†geothermal, ocean, wireless electrical charging technologies and companies. If you have an acquisition target or candidate that you would like to present to Bayside’s management team please free to contact us directly with your inquiry.




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