Historically, Bayside Corp. has focused on the acquisition of oil fields with proven and verifiable reserves that offered low risk and high potential returns through its subsidiary companies. However, Bayside also markets and trades third-party crude oil, heavy fuel oil, diesel fuel, and natural gas.

To continue, as a producer-marketer, we are focused on the physical aspects of the energy marketplace and the need to be reliable, cost effective and environmentally responsible. At Bayside, we are recognized for our unique approach to business through our portfolio of assets, experienced staff, and trading and marketing capabilities that bridge the gap between producers and end users.

Additionally, we pride ourselves on creating long-term, value-added relationships with our clients by listening closely and developing customized energy solutions to address their specific challenges or needs. We are committed to being a dependable, honest and responsive energy partner for all our clients. As a result of our producer-marketer roots, our marketing team is committed to providing reliable supply for our clients, reliable market for our producers, competitive pricing, the knowledge and expertise of our team of energy professionals.

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